• Why wedding site is more convenient than invitations on paper?



    Why start preparing for the wedding? Of course, with a guest invitation! Lovers around the world have long used their own site to simplify the organization of weddings and send invitations to guests. Previously, it was necessary to order a wedding site to third-party developers, now you can create your wedding website yourself on a convenient designer. This is no more difficult than posting a post on the social network.

    What is a wedding site?

    All information about the wedding is collected in one place on wedding website with private access only for your guests. Information is always available online from any device and updated in real time:

    • History of your couples.
    • Wedding day routine.
    • Venues for a photo shoot, ceremony, dinner and travel cards.
    • Wishes for guests: gifts, dress code, special wishes.
    • Guest list and polls.
    • Photos and videos from the wedding.
    • Convenient wedding planning tools: tables, questionnaires, lists.

    Inviting guests

    The wedding begins with an invitation. It sounds so easy to invite guests!

    In fact, it means calling, writing, handing in original wedding invitations to at least 20 people. And in addition to the invitation, you need to share information about the wedding on best wedding website, free wedding website with guests:

    1. Where and what time the ceremony and dinner will be held
    2. How to drive to the venue - "And do not be late, please"
    3. Wedding dress code - "Do not wear heeled shoes - beach ceremony"